When new friends and new places combine, good things happen.

At Sierra Designs we set out to conduct a small social experiment. Find like-minded personalities and professionals to spend time under the stars and see what creative content comes out of it.

Here are the results.

Jules – A self-proclaimed mountain cat, Jules is a wonderful photographer from Portland.

Adam – A Colorado native and a man of many traits like photographer, marketer, designer, writer and a serious meditator.

Rob – Adam’s classmate from design school, Rob currently resides in LA. He lives and loves architecture.

Katherine – A writer in LA, a pleasant personality who likes to go on walks with to-go coffee cups filled with wine.

Sako – Based out of LA, Sako is the creative director for Sierra Designs. He does not fit the usual outdoor industry mold but feels right at home in the wild.

Our Itinerary

Day -1: Adam spent a day up around Lone Pine scouting campsites, interesting locations and meeting super nice people who loved to talk conspiracy theory about aliens.

The gathering place was a cheap motel in Lone Pine that adorned its walls exclusively with John Wayne portraits. We all met, made quick introductions and then set out to play in the nearby boulders of Alabama Hills. After sunset we headed back to town to feast on great barbecue and whisky to celebrate Rob’s birthday.

Day 2: Early in the morning we headed out to Whitney Portal and started hiking in. After hours of switchbacks and creek crossings on the trail we rested on a huge grant ledge to pass the hot midday sun. Adam pulled out some Cliff Bars, Jules took out some trail mix, I pulled out my smoked gouda and dry cured sausages, and Rob and Kathrine opened a full pack of strawberries. It officially and legitimately became a picnic. As the late afternoon winds began to pick up, we slowly we made our way back down the mountain and found a wonderful BLM spot between two large boulders to set up camp. Once the tents were up the fire was quickly lit, great food and a plethora of interesting conversations followed. Then like gentle drunkards in the dark we abandon the light of the fire, climbed the boulders and gazed at the stars for a long time.

Day 3: Tired, dusty, smoky and smelly, we packed the campsite and headed to town. Ordered some ice cream and all went on our separate ways.