I’m Troy Haas and I like to say I have the coolest job on the planet. I really do. I’m Sierra Designs’ tech rep traveling the country keeping retailers up to date on Sierra Designs product and technology, making sure all of our retailers have all the information they need to spread the Sierra Designs love! Below is a run-through of what a typical day-in-the-life of a Sierra Designs tech rep looks like.

0800: Wake up, and cook breakfast.

Bacon, eggs, and brew a nice french press. Simple enough, right? Well, the most important meal of the day is extra important for me. I usually have a long drive ahead of me with multiple dealer┬ávisits on the schedule – gotta fuel up! Luckily, my Sprinter Van has a stove ready a waiting about 7 inches from where I sleep!

0845: Get the hell out of your camping spot

Quick! Before anyone notices me. Sometimes I just have to wing it. Parking lots, random fields, parks, Walmart, the list goes on. Sure, I’m probably not allowed to sleep overnight in half the places I pull over, but I just gotta do what I gotta do. I can stay pretty conspicuous most of the time, but every now and then I’ll get a knock on the door by a gentleman asking me to move along.

0900: Blast out a bike ride before work

You’ve read all the studies about exercise before work, right? Well, these days a pedal is my chosen method of exercise. Since I’m on the road, there is always a new city or town to explore. Cycling allows me to see so much more of the inner workings of a new place – back alleys, pedestrian paths, singletrack – I just let the ride unfold and see where it takes me. Easy on the joints, good for the mind, win-win.

1100: Drink another coffee, drive to your first retailer

Probably should have started work earlier, but that ride was too much fun! A quick clean-up and I’m off. Given the fact that I’m covering the western U.S., often times I have quite a bit of driving in between stops. Traversing this country as often as I do reminds me just how much of a playground we really have out there!

1130: Show up at your retailer, talk to them about awesome gear

When I roll up to a┬ádealer of Sierra Designs in a plastered Sprinter Van, the welcome I receive upon entry is usually pretty warm. After a quick coffee, friendly conversation, or maybe a snack, I’ll get right to it – Sierra Designs magic! I’ll make sure the employees have the latest intel on the current product, trials and tribulations of life on the road, what I’m hearing from fans of the brand – just about any and everything is discussed.

1200 – 1400: more retailer visits!

The Sierra Designs train keeps rolling all afternoon. I try and fit in as many retailer visits a day if they are close enough. My current trip reminded me how big California really is!

1500: Play time, if time allows

If I find some free time at the end of a hectic day spreading the Sierra Designs love, I’m going to find a way to get outside and doing something rad! If I was able to squeeze in a morning bike ride, I’ll try and find a body of water to SUP on or find a rock or two to climb. Bike, paddle, climb, repeat; if I can work those activities into any sort of somewhat regular order, I have a smile on my face.

2200: Find a cool campsite, read a book

Phew! Is it time to pull over yet? Reading is usually how I like to spend my evenings in my van, down by a river. I’ve been reading David Sedaris’s new book Theft by Finding as of late, using Nite-Ize lanterns to stay up far past my bedtime. Feel free to flag me down, buy me a coffee, a beer, or a burger if you are so inclined. And remember to give a friendly knock before barging into my house. Cheers, #TechRepTroy.