PFCs. They’ve been a hot button issue in the outdoor industry for several years now, but chances are you’ve never heard of them. What are they? Why are we talking about them? And is it something I need to be concerned about?

Well, first off, PFC stands for Perfluorinated Chemicals. They have typically been used to increase a fabric’s waterproof capabilities and are widely used in many sleeping bags and other durable outdoor gear. Second, we’re talking about them because research has shown PFCs to be extremely persistent in the environment. That means once they’re in a place, they take a very long time to break down, and can easily accumulate and cause damage to outdoor environments. Thirdly and finally – Yes! You need to be concerned about it, because we all need to be concerned about how our passion for camping ultimately affects the places we love to camp.

PFC-FREE Sleeping bagsSierra Designs has always been committed to stewardship of our trails and outdoor spaces. From our longtime membership in The Conservation Alliance to our support of initiatives like Packing It Out, we’ve practiced what we preached. But in 2017, we decided it was time to take it a step farther – we made our entire 2018 sleeping bag line with PFC-Free DriDown and PFC-Free fabrics.

Enter the multiple award-winning Backcountry Bed, Cloud 20/35, and Nitro 0/20/35 – three pieces of gear that have become key members of the SD family, both for their design and for their alignment with our commitment to the environment. When you spend the night in a 2018 SD sleeping bag, both your body and your mind can sleep soundly.

Elevation Outdoors, Gear Institute, Blue Ridge Outdoors, Backpacker, and Sierra Magazine are just a few places where Sierra Designs’ PFC-Free stance has been applauded. And while we usually like to stand at the top of the pyramid, this is one area where we hope our fellow outdoor brands follow suit for the benefit of everyone.

Learn more about PFCs with our handy Practice Safe Sleep Infographic and share it with your adventure loving friends and family.

Hope to see you out on the PFC-Free trail someday soon!