We all know that while all outdoor gear can be great, not all outdoor gear is great for every outdoor adventure. Things such as weight, materials, and temperature ratings all play a real difference in how your outdoor trip plays out in the actual outdoors.

For the past few years, Sierra Designs has taken this reality to heart in the products we design, and behind the scenes, we’ve been separating our gear into two distinct product families: Pushing the Limits, and Pack n’ Go. While this made a lot of sense for us to manage internally, someone asked the question as to why we didn’t make this a story we told everyone about….and we didn’t really have a great answer.

So! We’re excited to introduce the wider world into how we’ve been looking at our products all along, and hopefully answer any questions you might have along the way.

Pack n Go

Pack n Go Product Families

The Pack N’ Go Collection is built for the adventurer looking for incredible value in their backcountry or car camping setup. The weights are trail friendly, the materials and sizing are comfortable and durable, and the pricing hits the sweet spot. Whether you’re looking for a more comfortable sleeping bag, or shopping for a first backpacking tent, this collection answers the call.

The tents in our Pack n Go collection are the Summer Moon, the Clip Flashlight, the Meteor, and the Clearwing (which is also our latest edition to the line). Each of these tents provides fantastic versatility in terms of pole construction and durability. They are all meant to be used as three season tents, which means they aren’t going to be the best choice for extreme cold. In addition, our Meteor 4 tent is perfect for Car Camping in large groups, and even beats carrying two 2 person tents for longer treks out on the trail.

For sleeping bags, we’ve got the Frontcountry Bed, Backcountry Bed, and Synthesis as our Pack n Go options. This collection is also where you’ll find all of our Duo options, which are also great for car camping. If you’re looking for a great entry level bag, you’ll be hard pressed to do better than our Synthesis bags, which feature high quality synthetic insulation paired with lightweight 20D nylon fabric.

If you are just getting into camping, or consider yourself to be an avid Weekend Warrior, the Pack n Go collection will be the best bet for the right gear.

Pushing the Limits

The Pushing The Limits collection is for the adventurer who is looking to reduce weight in their current backcountry setup, or looking to start off with gear they’ll never need to upgrade. Built for the long haul, we cut weight where we can through design, material usage, and unique construction, yet we still give you enough features to be comfortable out on the trail. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds from your pack, this collection is the answer.

The shelter systems in this collection include the Convert, Mountain Guide Tarp, Studio, Sweet Suite, High Route, High Side, and our Backcountry Bivy. You’ll notice that we’ve got more options in this collection than in Pack n Go – this is because our Pushing the Limits assortment is meant to be more specialized per tent than our Pack n Go selections. Those who really need to be conscious of weather, weight, and construction will be able to find the perfect match from one of our Pushing the Limits tents. This is also where you’ll find our 4 Season tents, which will stand up to even the harshest, coldest conditions.

Sleeping bag wise, you’re looking at our award winning Cloud and Nitro series, depending on whether you want zippered, zipperless, or quilt designs. This is also the collection that includes 0 degree temp ratings, which when paired with our 4 season tents, prepare you to stay comfortable no matter what the thermostat reads.