Coffee. It’s as necessary as oxygen. We can’t have a conversation until we’ve downed at least 12oz of it. But more than that, there’s something magical about the early morning ritual of having a warm mug of caffeine in your hands.

Normally, getting coffee is an easy fix. At home, everything is comfortable and where it needs to be for your usual routine. If you pick it up on the way to work, you have your favorite go-to spot and know that it will come out just the way you like it every time. Even while at the office, there is typically some sort of option available at all times should the need to get some liquid speed arise.

On the trail, it’s a little bit more complicated. The warm sleeping bag lulls you into an internal battle-of-wills of when to brave the chilly morning air. The logistics of grinding beans/boiling water/making breakfast are slightly harder to handle. But once the French Press is pressed, or the pour-over is poured, and you have coffee in hand, you settle into the peace that comes with inhaling the aroma of awake.

In short, coffee matters, and that doesn’t change just because you head out to the backcountry for the weekend (or week, or month). That’s why we teamed up with local roasters Carabiner Coffee to create the Think Outside Blend – specially crafted with camping in mind, this blend can take a courser grind and handle a little bit of a rougher temperature and still come out perfect, capable of staying smooth while black but also pairing well with cream/sugar for those who like it a little sweeter.

Wake up to it on the trail to help mornings in the woods feel that much more like home, and then take it home to make every morning feel like waking up on the trail.

Photography by Brendon Simpson