We all know that summer is the high time to get outside and explore – we also know that summer brings its own set of challenges as the temperatures start to soar. Having the right gear like tents that allow for a half fly set-up and higher temp rating sleeping bags definitely help, but it’s the details that separate tolerable comfort and extreme comfort. In order to get you set for summer, we’ve come up with 5 fantastic summer camping tips and tricks to make sure your next hot weather expedition keeps everyone happy, cool, and ready for more adventures.

Summer Camping Tips with Tents

1) “Fill your reservoir half full and freeze it the night before you head out. If you top off in the morning, your water will stay cold all day, no matter how hot it gets. If you wanted to take it up to the next level, you can freeze a can of beer in there too for a frosty reward once you make it to the campsite! Just be careful to make sure the beer is fully submerged in water first, or you’ll have a beersplosion on your hands.” – Andrew Day, VP of Sierra Designs

2) “Don’t overlook the importance of electrolytes and staying hydrated before you become dehydrated! Even if you feel like you’ll only be ‘walking’ all day, using something like Gatorade or Nuun Hydration Tabs can make sure you replenish everything you lose while you sweat in the heat. I always try to bring some GU Gels as well, especially ones with caffeine that can help me power through that last mile before getting to/returning from camp.” – Christine Norton, Apparel Designer & Developer

3) “Trade in your mummy sleeping bag for a good quality quilt. Quilts are typically reserved for those who want to do ultralight camping, but they can also be fantastic hot weather options due to their open designs and versatility. Sierra Designs happens to make a pretty great 35 degree quilt that is a great fit for summertime camping, but could also pull double duty if you have need for an ultralight option in your year-round gear closet. Added bonus? You can bring a stereo and whiskey with the extra room you’ll have in your pack!” -Brad McCall, Sales & Dealer Service Representative

4) “Be practical – follow the shade as you hike, make sure you wear well ventilated clothing, start with a wet bandana around your neck, and just try to avoid hiking in the heat of the day if you can avoid. Summertime is some of the best days for camping, but all the tips and tricks in the world can’t get you past those days when the temperatures just blaze up there, so make sure you can plan ahead and take full advantage of the early morning and early evening hours.” – Ryan Bertrand, Sales & Marketing Specialist

5) “Put baby powder in your socks, or anywhere else that you’re going to be more likely to chafe due to the extra perspiration of the summer months. I always find that I have a tendency to get more blisters and rubs during hot weather, so this step helps me stay ahead of these potentially trip ending nuisance injuries. Also invest in technical, breathable socks to make sure there is enough ventilation throughout the course of the day.” – Sophie Coffey, Brand & Marketing Manager

These are just a quick hit list of the kinds of things that can make your summer camping experience as glorious as you see it in your dreams, and if you’ve got a tip of your own to share, be sure throw us a line and let us know – we love learning new ways to Think Outside.