California – it’s a place, and a name, that resonates a little differently with everyone. Some love the pristine ski resorts of Lake Tahoe, others the savage beauty of Death Valley, and almost everyone has a special place in their hearts for the towering rocks of Yosemite (and don’t get us started on the sumptuous wines of Napa and Sonoma).

Here at Sierra Designs, we’ve always cherished everything that is California, not only because we were born/bred in the Bay Area, but also because we believe in what the state can provide for those who call it home: prosperity, growth, innovation, and a deep connection to the outdoors. Back in 1965, all of our products were designed at our Berkley headquarters, and sewn by craftsmen who worked right next to them in the same building. We could have an idea in the morning, and a prototype out on the trail by the afternoon.

Now, in 2018, we’ve joined forces with several California partners to create a line of women’s and men’s apparel, daypacks, and hats that return SD to those roots – We’re thrilled to launch our California Collection, all of it designed, tested, and manufactured in the Golden State.

By investing in the local economy and supporting domestic craftsmen, we’re also reinvesting in our own heritage and values – and you can feel good knowing that you’re getting a piece of apparel or gear that will not only perform at the highest level, but also help support domestic manufacturing. Plus, you’ll be looking extremely easy-breezy-California while you do it.

In fact, when we thought about what we wanted to put into the California Collection, we kept coming down to that exact ethos: What is simple, functional, and beautiful? What are the pieces that you can use almost everyday in a variety of situations without feeling like anything is overdone or overused? Ultimately, we decided on apparel that can effortlessly go from town-to-trail, day packs across a variety of sizes that can do a little bit of everything, and hats to keep your lid looking stylish.

Beyond Domestic  – we’re not just bringing it back to the USA – we’re bringing it home.