Your bed is your happy place. It’s where you recharge after a long day, where you feel safest, and where comfort is of the utmost importance. So why should this change just because you’re out in the backcountry, and your bed happens to be a sleeping bag? We at Sierra Designs say that it shouldn’t have to – and that’s why we’ve developed an award winning line of zipperless sleeping bags specifically designed to bring all of the comforts of your bed to the backcountry.

That’s right – We took everything we love about our bed at home, and turned it into a backpackable option. The result? Sleeping bags that trade in a zipper for a comforter. And why would you want to do that? Because you, the person who likes to both camp and sleep comfortably, get unrestricted movement, easy side/stomach sleeping, simple venting to regulate your body temperature, and cozy warmth.

The main component to our zipperless bags, and the biggest departure from a traditional mummy, is the oversized comforter that drapes over you and seals up inside the bag. The oversized design and nature of the comforter gives you freedom of movement, so you can sleep on your back, stomach, or side without restriction. For warmth, the comforter seals up on the side of the bag, and also has hand and shoulder pockets for you to cozy up with and make sure everything is tucked in, just like at home.

When selecting the right zipperless sleeping bag for you, it all comes down to preference here. We offer the Backcountry Bed, the Cloud, and the Frontcountry Bed. All are game changers for your camp sleeping situation. The Backcountry Bed is the original zipperless bag, offering a comforter and bag that is open on both sides, with hand pockets on the comforter. For ultimate comfort, the Backcountry Bed can’t be beat, and is easily backpackable in weight.

If you want to go ultralight, though, the Cloud is the way to go. With a comforter that is sealed on one side and open on the other, the Cloud has a shoulder pocket to roll into, offering a bit more cozied up experience than the Backcountry Bed, at a lighter weight.

If you’re jetting away for a quick weekend of camping in your car or van and weight isn’t as much of an issue, then the Frontcountry Bed can’t be beat for that real bed-away-from-home experience.

No matter which bag you pick, you’ll immediately notice how comfortable and freeing having a comforter is. Face it – the time to go zipperless has never been better.